NuGet - Common Database Settings

NuGet Common Database Settings

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Make a object for DataBase class. (you can see many Method )
  • Call the method named CheckDatabaseConnection.

Note : you can get the connection sting by calling DataBase.ConnectionString

That's all, select which type of database to be connected.

More over there are many methods in the BataBase class.

Function Description Return type
GetConnectionString(string) Set the database connection string void
CheckDatabaseConnection(string) Check the connection string existing or not bool
CheckDataExist(string) Check the data is present in the table bool
DropdownFill(string) Fill the a Dropdown DataTable
ExecuteDB(string) Can insert, update and delete data in the database void
GetData(string) Get a string from the database string
GetDataset(string) Get dataset from the database DataSet
GetSlno(string) Get the serial no from the table int

Happy Coding.